Discover the Roots of JKD's Chinese Boxing


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Immerse Yourself In Martial Arts, Philosophy And A Texas Experience Like No Other

"World Class Martial Arts, River Front Property out in the wilderness, Authentic Texan Saloon, Live Music, Bonfires, Amazing BBQ, like minded people and the most unique experience you will ever have."

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100 acres of SECLUDED forest on the bank of the Colorado River.

Disconnect from the busy city life and spend a few days enjoying NATURE!

The training is held at the Pratka Ranch outside of Wharton, Texas. When you're not training, you can take advantage of everything the ranch has to offer. Enjoy the beautiful wooded landscape and diverse wildlife or head to the river for fishing, kayaking, or a refreshing swim. There is no shortage of things to do at the Pratka Ranch!

Join Us On Saturday Evening For A Kung Fu


Join us on Saturday night for a special Kung Fu themed Costume Party! All participants are invited to dress up in your best Kung Fu warrior costumes and enjoy a party on the ranch. A prize will be given to the top costume of the night

(Authentic Kung Fu Attire Only-- No Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or DBZ costumes)

Experience A Real TEXAS BONFIRE

The Pratka Ranch is known for it's bonfires. Each year attendees are treated to a true Texas-Sized Fire and this year will be bigger than ever!


We have several great acts lined up to entertain throughout the weekend!

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Texas Retreat Experience.

Hang Out in the WORLD FAMOUS Tough Country Saloon

Spend your evenings relaxing in the world famous Tough Country Saloon and Dance Hall. "The Saloon" as it's called on the Ranch is a private 'old west' style saloon and dance hall that has hosted some of the biggest stars in Country and Texas Music. Enjoy a cold drink in a unique environment while getting to know other like-minded martial artists from all over the world. 

All Inclusive SOUTHERN COOKING - Texas BBQ Included

Lunch & Dinner is included with your training. You will be treated to gourmet home-style southern cooking including Texas Chili, BBQ, and More!

Wing Chun Chi Sao - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cost - $50.00


JKD for MMA 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cost - $50.00


Tough Country Products Presents:

Street Savate- The Art of Boot Fighting

Most martial arts are taught as barefoot arts. Even if shoes are worn, they are not used as a weapon. If you are wearing hard-toed dress shoes or boots you literately have weapon on your foot that can be used with minimal effort- like a hammer. See the difference below between the sportive or flashy martial arts techniques shown in the first clip compared to the simple boot style strikes used in the later clips. Wear your cowboy boots and get into the Texas spirit with boot fighting in the Tough Country Saloon.

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VIP Business Success Course 

"How To Land The Big Fish"

For Instructors, Professionals, and Business Owners

If you want to be successful in martial arts, knowing your art is only half the battle. This course will lay out a step by step plan to take your business to the next level. 

Learn the PERFECT EXERCISE for Mental Fitness, Physical

Wellness and Spiritual Achievement

The "Art of Mind Boxing" is all about winning the war within. Learn how to STOP obsessive thinking, eliminate PAIN and WEAKNESS, and discover your purpose through your passion.  You will also learn how to knockout STRESS, FEAR, and ANXIETY so that you can unleash your ultimate potential and live a LIMITLESS LIFE!

Emmy Award Winning Oprah Producer interviews Harinder Singh on the benefits of the "High Performance Zone" and how to deal with a crisis.

Learn the Functional FITNESS SECRETS of Action Strength:

Kettlebells, Gada (Indian Mace), Body Weight + Tai Chi 

The goal of the Action Strength training methodology is to develop a complete Super Athlete.  Using the same methods employed by elite military, ancient warriors and Kung-Fu masters whose lives depended on their ability to perform their physical techniques and keep a calm and quiet mind. 

Calling Martial Arts Instructors of All Styles!

Come Showcase Your Art During Our Open Demo Exhibition

We are so excited to have people coming from all over the world to attend our Retreat. We would like to take this unique opportunity to expose martial artists of all styles to what you do. Simply tell us about you and what you do or show us! You are welcome to prepare any type of demonstration you would like.

Discover the Roots of Jeet Kune Do's Chinese Boxing

Discover the Roots of Jeet Kune Do's Chinese Boxing! If you look at the JKD logo that Sijo Bruce Lee designed, it is actually the Tai Chi symbol with a few modifications. "Having No Way as Way", "Having no Limit as Limit" are from the TAO. Internal Martial Arts and Traditional Training in Wing Chun is important to develop root, sensitivity, structure, and internal energy. To truly understand JKD we need to understand the root and philosophy behind Wing Chun and Tai Chi.

Wing Chun

Learn Ip Man's Traditional Concepts, Principles and Wing Chun Structure.

Learn Leung Sheung's 5 Element Theory to Shut Down Other Wing Chun Practitioners and Jeet Kune Do Fighters.

Learn Ip Man’s thought process on how to turn a person's strength against them.

Tai Chi

Learn to how to unleash your true power with Chen Style Cannon Fist. 

Learn to use your mind's intent and emotional content to connect your entire body as one and unleash your true potential.

Learn to root yourself to the ground and become an immovable force that can blow your opponents out of the way.

Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's First 3 Hands were Faster than Lightning. Learn his Secrets of Speed, Timing, & Reflex Development.

Be Like Water. Adapt YOUR Wing Chun Structure to Boxing, Grappling and MMA.

Energy Drills to Develop Sensitivity and the Ability to FEEL your opponent's Movements.

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Military JKD & SPEC OP KALI Certification Course

10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Both Days)